Flat Rate Conference

For companies that want predictable, easy to manage audio conferencing costs, Advantage Conferencing division offers Flat Rate Conferencing. Unlike pay-by-the-minute plans, you know exactly what your organization's audio conferencing will cost, month in and month out.

For just one monthly fee, companies have 24-hour access to conference calling, with no per-minute fee or call time limit. Flat Rate Conferencing allows you to participate in unlimited calls without the need for reservations

Use Flat Rate Conferencing for regular staff meetings, training sessions, sales seminars, or project planning meetings. The service works with all of the major web conferencing collaboration and distance learning packages.

Superior Service

  • Organizations using Flat Rate Conferencing will always receive a clear fiber option audio connection, entry and/or exit tones, access to muted or interactive modes, and many other complementary features.
  • Our staff of professional conferencing specialists is available seven days a week to ensure all your calls run smoothly, providing fast and courteous service whenever you need assistance.

Flat Rate Conferencing Offers

  • 24/7 access to your conferencing service.
  • A permanent dial-in number for all of your organization’s conferencing.
  • Same dial-in numbers for domestic and international participants.
  • Two Access Codes: one for Participants and one for the Host(s).
  • Recording and Playback of your conference call (CDs, mp3 & wav files are also available).
  • Your choice of available features - Tone in/Out, Music on Hold, Lecture Mode and many others.
  • No hidden costs or extra fees, and no contractual obligation.