Services Overview

Advantage Conferencing provides flat-rate, professional conference calls, SMS communications and phone services to help your organization cost-effectively connect with customers and colleagues, reinforce your business relationships and promote your company’s growth.

Flat Rate Conferencing allows companies to easily manage audio conferencing costs.

  • For a flat monthly fee, companies have 24-hour access to unlimited conference calls.
  • There are no time restraints and no need to make reservations.
  • Companies using this tool receive a permanent dial-in number for all conferencing, which is uniform for both international and domestic participants.
  • Flat Rate Conferencing also offers the option to record and play back your conference call.
  • This service is ideal for regular staff meetings, training sessions, sales seminars or project planning meetings.
  • It works with all of the major web conferencing collaboration and distance learning packages.

SMS Services provide companies with the tools necessary to quickly and effectively communicate with consumers, partners or employees via text messaging.

  • Consumers can opt in to receive text messages with specific company information, updates and reminders, as well as discounts and special offers.
  • We provide the consumer with ability to opt out at any time.
  • Companies can use our services to reach consumers or employees immediately, or at a particular time through an automatic, pre-scheduled text message.
  • Generate precise, real-time marketing results and tracking.

Simple Voicemail can reinforce your company’s professional image by making efficient response attainable, even when you are away from the office.

  • We can arrange for you to have a local phone number, to match the geography of your customer base or to reinforce your chosen corporate headquarters.
  • The message notification feature immediately alerts you via email, phone and/or pager when there’s a voicemail in your mailbox, giving you the opportunity to respond in a time-effective manner.