SMS Services

SMS services are a highly targeted form of communication that organizations can use to reach their customers, partners, employees or other subscribers via text messaging.

How SMS Services Work

TextSMS can communicate time-sensitive information, via text message, to any number of people in just one simple step. Messages are sent by typing the message and sending it to a list. Consumers must opt-in to receive the text messages, and can opt-out at any time by texting “STOP”.

Consumers can opt-in to receive specific information, updates and reminders from an organization. These might include special discounts and offers from retailers, restaurants, and other organizations.

SMS services can also be used to disperse news and updates, to vote on opinion surveys or reality TV shows. Companies can use the service internally for communication between employees, network marketing representatives, and others.


  • Precise real-time marketing results, tracking, and the ability to “cut” the data by criteria set by marketers.
  • Companies can use multiple keywords to create multiple user groups, which can later be used to distinguish between databases.
  • Ability to create templates to send to user groups periodically.
  • Companies can pre-schedule text messages to automatically be sent out at a later time to subscribers in user groups using the Campaign Management Interface feature.

Both services are user friendly, and offer video tutorials and online help centers to help you learn the application quickly and effectively, and get help when you need it.